Organization Development

Change Management · Team Development · Organization Design · Governance

Consulting services to create, restore or strengthen healthy and productive teams and organizations.

Groups and organizations, like people, need support from time to time
to work though issues; to remain healthy, whole and productive;
or to move to a different level of performance.

We work with you in a collaborative manner to pinpoint the challenges and opportunities, to develop solutions, and to plan their implementation.

Change Management

We help you manage your organizational transitions and build the resilience you need in these times of constant change.

Team Development

We work with groups and teams at every stage of their development, with a particular focus on dealing effectively with diversity and conflict.

Organization Design

We provide a process and tools to help your leadership team develop and analyze options, and select the most appropriate way to organize in your unique circumstances.


We work with boards and leadership teams to develop and implement effective policies and decision-making processes.