Hope in these Difficult Times

As we begin to recover from the initial shock of COVID-19 and physical isolation, I see more and more people turning their thoughts to what will happen after: Will we return to business as usual? Or will we take this opportunity to create a more just and resilient society? Can we find hope in these difficult times?

My friend Louisa Marziali sent me an article from Rebecca Solnit that gives me hope. Rebecca says: “I have found over and over that the proximity of death in shared calamity makes many people more urgently alive, less attached to the small things in life and more committed to the big ones”. You can read her article here: ‘The impossible has already happened’: what coronavirus can teach us about hope.

And there are other signs of hope. Today politicians reacted to the horrible situation in long-term care homes by suggesting we need to better value the work of caregivers. Non-profits like the Social Planning Council of Ottawa are creating innovative solutions to support isolated seniors and other vulnerable people. Others are helping us learn from the pandemic so that we are better prepared next time. For my part, I am sharing these messages of hope, supporting others where I can, and engaging in thoughtful conversations about how to build a better future.

What about you? What are you noticing? How are you feeding hope?


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  1. Carol Harbour

    I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you
    presented it. Too cool!

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