A fork in the road

Well, today I strike out on my own, leaving my Intersol colleagues to continue on their way while I take a different path. It feels strange after so many years, yet I know this is the right choice, and the right time, for me.

Why make this change so late in my career? I could point to a number of things, but the reality is that I did not make this decision overnight, it has been building gradually over the years. Some major life changes are like that – they seem to come about suddenly, but when you look more carefully, you can see all the snowflakes that built on each other until they finally reached a tipping point and the avalanche happened.

I don’t know where this new path will lead me, but for now at least, I plan to take it slowly, to enjoy the journey and see what comes up on the horizon. I look forward to meeting new travel companions, to reconnecting with old ones, and most of all, to continuing my work of creating better futures with groups, organisations, and all their formal and informal leaders.


4 thoughts on “A fork in the road”

  1. Janet Lockhart Moncton, NB

    Good luck with your new venture, Lise. Your website is very impressive and it should assist you and Barbara in your successful future! Best wishes!

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